The Prophets of Rage


     If you’re wondering when the next socially and politically conscious music would debut, rocking the eardrums of millions nationwide and around the globe, your desires have been answered. Gods of Funk Metal and Hip Hop have aligned to compose melodies that could potentially tame the savage beast. Yes, members of Rage, Public Enemy and Cypress Hill have come together to form what feels like a tsunami brewing in the distant sea. This much anticipate album is set to drop this September, a month which carries the burden of heightened social consciousness and mourning.

     ‘We’re not a supergroup,’ says Tom Morello. ‘We’re an elite task force of revolutionary musicians determined to confront this mountain of election year bullshit, and confront it head-on with Marshall stacks blazing.’

     The first single, ‘Unfuck the World’, is as heavy as the title suggests. As the opening sirens and drum beats hit, you find yourself suddenly holding your breath while your heart skip a beat as this familiar Rage flows through your veins. Acclaimed director, filmmaker, and activist Michael Moore, assembled the music video which opens up with post-industrial era images and slogan reading ‘Responsibilities of American Citizenship’, this before the world was introduced, for the first time, to “The Prophets of Rage”. Front and center stands two tall Hip Hop Gods, Chuck-D, and self-made King of Cannabis Breal. Behind and next to the two hip-hop legends stood, lead guitarist and dragon slayer – Tom Morello and Rage Against the Machine bandmates Tim Commerford on Bass, and Brad Wilk on the drums. Coming from a generation where conscious lyrics were a constant, the five legends stand overlooking the masses while holding their fists in the air.

      Rise-up and make way for the supreme duo on the mic, Chuck-D & Breal, and neither of these original gansta’s be bluffin. ‘It all happened pretty organically’ says Tom, who says he called Chuck-D and texted Breal to discuss the collaboration. ‘Actually, Tom talked to my wife first. She’s very deep into the politics of Latinos, Blacks, inequalities and stuff like that. They had a great conversation. For years I heard the rumor that Zack isn’t going to perform with Rage and they’ll need someone to fill in.’ said Chuck-D, later explaining that he spoke directly to Tom and said ‘Sure’.

     ‘Everywhere I go, people ask, “What are you guys going to do?” People are frustrated that this music has not been out in the world to fight for them; music without compromise or apology.’ said Tom.
     ‘We’d (Tom) always talked about working together’ said Breal. Tom helped Breal produce two songs on the Cypress Hill album Rise Up. ‘What he said to me was along the lines of, “The people need a voice right now. People need to hear these songs; a message.” I was all about that. I’m not necessarily known for being in the political realm outside of legalization and whatnot. But I do have my beliefs. I think he valued that and decided to give me a call. I agreed that people need a voice right now. If we can serve that, I’m all for it.’ said Breal.
     For now, the enlightened disciples have not announced plans for an official tour. With that said, The Prophets of Rage have already made their world debut on May 31st, 2017 at the Whisky a Go Go in Los Angeles and Brooklyn’s Warsaw center before that, and made some real fucking waves when they performed for those incarcerated in Norco Penitentiary, those homeless in Los Angeles's Skid Row district, and at the protest rally show outside of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Rise-up.

Unfuck the World
No Hatred
Fuck Racists
Blame Faces
Times Changing
One Nation
The Vibration
Unfuck the World
Property hit home like a warzone
Check America’s post heard of death tone
The vision hittin’ like a bullet of precision
Kill the Dream, Kill the Vision, Now Listen
Stand up and rise like the tide and move your ass
With the quickness
You may live on the hitlist
No fear, Fair witness
Where’s your heart
The heartless can’t say
Bow down, just do what the man say
But they lying and denying all day
In the box, they locked in the deadmay
Bombs dropping on cities where kids play
Soldiers falling in the name of freedom haters
Some buried somewhere in a cemetery where dreams die
Politicians make lie after fucking lie
No Hatred
Fuck Racists
Blame Faces
Times Changing
One Nation
The Vibration
Unfuck the World
Hatred, lies, divided people
Torch this anger, deeds of evil
After the fall, who the bell called
Like we all dancing in a ball without balls
Talk, walk, lookout, listen
Two-thousand twenty
See now, your MCs attention
That’s just because there’s too many cooks in the kitchen
Exploding phones, Killing drones on a mission, Ugh
I’m elated to get ya’ll elevated
God remains God
Yeah and they hate it
On your knees people, is to pledge allegiance to the evil
Everything’s changed, yet nothings changed
Bold has changed, everything looking strange, Yeah
Engineers got millennial’s living in fear
Give a damn
Evil can’t stand
Yeah, when people take a stand
Come on
No Hatred
Fuck Racists
Blame Faces
Times Changing
One Nation
The Vibration
Unfuck the World
I’m the straw that broke the camels back
The gutted the car jacked
The night stick that keeps cracking down
The resistance, never backing down
The world is not going to change itself.
That’s’ up to you.
Strength for the Free World
From ‘THE PEOPLE’ of the United States of America



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