Tupac Shakur | Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real.

     Born on June 16th, 1971, Tupac Amaru Shakur’s time on earth was profound and eclectic. He shared four solo-albums and one final studio solo-album under the pseudonym, Makaveli, and countless studio recordings for which there’ve been edited collaborative mixtapes and single releases. Pac’s art also included works of poetry & theater, which later transitioned into his first starring role in the film, Juice. He then went to star in Poetic Justice, a film directed by acclaimed director, John Singleton. Additional films by Pac included Above the Rim, Bullet, Gridlock’d, and Gang Related, where he co-starred with Joe Belushi.  
     True performer at heart, Tupac celebrated his love for art & music by translating his understanding of the world and personal experiences as it relates to the social issues that exist in American society. Beginning with his solo-debut album, 2pacalypse Now, released in 1991, fan’s are able to appreciate the focused delivery of his skool of thought and inspirational insights expressed through remarkably deep and heady lyrics.
     Fast forward 25+ years where much has changed, yet society continues to observe social racism, acts of police brutality, poverty based structural inequalities, and lack of access to basic social institutions like hospitals and schools.

     Communities across the country are forced to take a stand as increasing numbers of police brutality cases and blatant depictions of persons-of-authority misusing their civil control by aggressively, and in some cases, fatally executing the hate-crime victims. “There is a narrative that the Black Lives Matter movement is about protest and anger and and not much else," Scott Roberts, Senior Campaign Director for Color of Change, who was involved in developing the united movement. "I think from early on, the movement has been about the systemic issues facing black communities." As tensions continue to rise and occurrences of hate-crimes begin to become more frequent, "I think it's a mistake to frame issues like economic justice, educational equity, voting rights, as being disconnected from the issue of police violence. Our view is that the real solution to most of the issues we're facing, including policing, is rooted in investment in our communities." said Scott.

     Celebrating the life and legacy of Tupac Amaru Shakur on his birth date, or on-a-daily through his music steadily playing over the stereo; it can be said that Tupac’s art and legacy is timeless and will continue to leave an impression on people throughout the world on this day, and for time to come. Whether you were blessed and knew Pac personally or were introduced to him through his art and music, we appreciate that we were all given an invitation to understand and became intimate with him through his lyrics. We love you Pac.

RIP Afeni Shakur

          Death is not the greatest loss in life;
          the greatest loss is what dies inside while still alive.

 Art by Padhia @unfukyourself

2Pac | For every dark night, theres a brighter day

Black Lives Matter

2PAC spark the brain that will change the world





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