Good Vibes Charity Fundraiser | Sasquash Rosin Press + San Diego Autism Society


     On this very lovely morning in Temecula, California, came together a fundraising effort that would later raise over $26,000 for the San Diego Autism Society. The Good Vibes Charity event hosted by Sasquash Rosin Press was held in their previous manufacturing warehouse and home to the Sasquash fam for many years. With the recent facility relocation, the team made the decision to host their first Good Vibes Charity Fundraiser at their former base.
     The event had been strongly supported by the cannabis community and cannabis advocates throughout with representation from Str8organics, Aaron Brooks, Zoke One, Marlon Asher, Killah Priest, Fortunate Youth, Mendo Dope, Jah Meds, Ozzie from Should Smoke, Dread Kennedy, OG Kid Frost, Lil Drawz, Jerry Krecicki, Ikanik Farms, Jinx Proof Genetics, and the list went on. You could just imagine how stacked the judges table was for the Squash Off!
     As the night progressed, it was the musicians that were center stage spreading the message of love, peace and cannabis. These sets, excuse me, these dope performances were put on by some of the worlds most recognized cannabis advocates and the vibe was mad irie; Marlon Asher and Mendo Dope featured on one-another’s sets, and it was Dread Kennedy from Ital Vibes who jammed with the Fortunate Youth band as they closed out the evening in style.
     Big ups to the Sasquash Crew and make sure you stay on the lookout for the next Good Vibes Charity Fundraiser… until then, #stayterpy

Mendo Dope

Aaron Brooks | Uncle Samsquash

Sasquash Rosin Press

Marlon Asher

Killah Priest

Dan Kelly & Dread Kennedy | Fortunate Youth

We Should Smoke with Ozzie


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